How To Series

How To Series

Here at The Vintage Twine, our #1 goal has always been to help make your house a home, one room at a time. So often people come to us and ask for tips and tricks on decorating that we wanted to create a How To Series that shows you ways to help make your house a home, but with décor you already have! Home Décor can be so versatile and easily used during different seasons or in different areas of your home. We want you to get all you can out of your home décor pieces you already have. Follow along with us on our 5 part series and learn the tips, tricks, and advise that we use when creating our displays and decorating our own homes. 

Part 1: Creating a Focal Point in your Home

Part 2: Creating a Table Tray

Stay Tuned for parts 3-5! Coming Soon!

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