Decor Tip Tuesday-Ways to make your home stylish and the same time!

Decor Tip Tuesday-Ways to make your home stylish and the same time!

My passion here at The Vintage Twine is to help my customers make their house a home, with décor finds they love. I enjoy being able to teach everyone how to decorate spaces on their own with tips and tricks that can be used year-round. With that I am proud to announce the start of Tip Tuesday. Each Tuesday, I will post a décor tip or trick that you can utilize in your own space. If you love the tip, please let us know by liking, commenting, or sharing the post (or doing all three). If you have any questions, please email us at or message us on Facebook The Vintage Twine. I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can! Happy Decorating!

We all love a stylish home. The type you see in a Country Living Magazine or on Magnolia Network, where nothing is out of place and everything is perfect. We all know it’s not real life. Real life is having a stylish home (if you desire) AND a functional home together in one place. Using appropriate home décor pieces, can help make your home both stylish and functional. Below are 3 things that we recommend using in your home to help create the functional and stylish space you desire.

Baskets: We all love a good basket. Whether it is wicker or wire, I feel like a basket can easily add a stylish feeling to your home but hold a functional purpose. Need a blanket holder in your family room? Find a large round basket to put in your living room where all your blankets go. Match the basket to your esthetics and fill with all your families’ blankets. This is exactly what I have done in my home and the functionality is perfect! Are you needing a nick knack holder or just a place to put some junk? (minus the junk drawer that every kitchen has) Find a rectangle basket with a lid where you can tuck your odds and ends into it, but it looks like it is a stylish piece when sitting on a shelf, next to your bed, or in your bathroom.

Curtain Rods: It always seems like Kitchens are the space that lack the most functionality in a home, yet it is one of the most used spaces. Do you need a place to hang things like coffee mugs, cutting boards, measuring cups etc? Do you want one of those cute coffee bars that have taken over Pinterest Kitchens?  A stylish curtain rod and some S hooks will do the trick! Find a blank space in your kitchen (a wall or the side of your kitchen island) and install 1-3 curtain rods. Instead of using the curtain rods for real curtains, hang the S hooks off the rod and hang your items off of the S hook. Not only does this make your home look stylish and cozy, but it is functional!

Shelving: Yes, we are all thinking this is an obvious one but it is an important one and, in our opinion, an underrated option. Do you have an overabundance of books, pictures, plants, etc? You want them displayed, but want to make it stylish and not seem cluttered. You are at a loss on what to do. We recommend finding a blank wall in your home and adding nice floating shelves will not only utilize a blank wall well, but will give you the ability to store the things you love in your home, and make it stylish! With floating shelves, you can install them several different ways either giving a clean line look or some dimension. PS, I LOVE the look of floor to ceiling floating shelves. Pinterest it, I promise you will love the look too!

We hope you love our Décor Tip Tuesday! We will chat with you all next week!


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