Décor Tip- Measure BEFORE You Buy

Posted by Michelle Kern on

With Spring here, so often we decide its time for an upgrade in the furniture department. Though furniture shopping can be so exciting (and overwhelming) one thing that I can not stress enough is make sure to measure everything. Measure the space you have in your home for your new furniture and measure the new furniture you want for your home.  

One time, I went to pick out my first adult furniture set for my Master Bedroom. I was so excited when I found what I wanted and I instantly ordered it (because of course, it was what I wanted). 2 weeks later its delivered and I discover that the side tables do not fit in my bedroom along with the king size bedframe. All because I did not measure the length of the wall I had to put my bed frame and side tables along. I could not believe that I never thought to measures BEFORE I bought the set. If I can give one tip for today it would be this: Take the measurements of your new furniture home and lay out the exact pattern and size of your desired furniture on the floor of the room you are furnishing with blue painter’s tape. This will give you the feel of what your new furniture will be like in your space. It also gives you the chance to choose a different furniture set if you need to.

I hope this one tip helps someone not make the same mistake I did! Happy Furniture Shopping - Michelle