Décor Tip- Keeping Delicate Florals from Shedding

Décor Tip- Keeping Delicate Florals from Shedding

Pampas. One of my personal favorites in the dried floral department. It is flowy, gives any vase texture, and mixes well with other greeneries.  The hardest part of dried floral, like pampas, is the fact that it loves to shed. With shedding comes mess and the loss of your beautiful floral. You watch full stems become bare and that is no fun!

I have found a solution to this problem (that I cannot take any credit for but Miss Judy here at the store can). It’s called hairspray! I kid you not, this trick works perfectly and is a very easy 5-minute process that you won’t regret doing. For a successful hair spraying session of your dried floral, follow the steps below. PS: I highly recommend doing this over a bathtub, sink, or outside. Not on your floors only because hairspray is the worst to clean off any flooring surface.

1.) Find a strong hold hairspray (I used Aussie Instant Freeze, but anything with a strong hold will work).

2.) Gently shake your dried floral so any excess that is not attached to the stem sheds off. The purpose of this is so when you spray the floral, it does not clump any of the excess to your attached floral.

3.) Hold your floral stem away from you, at arm’s length.

4.) Gently spray your floral stem in a vertical motion while twirling your stem in your hand at arm’s length away.

5.) Hold your stem for 30 seconds allowing the hairspray to dry. DO NOT set the floral down on any surface with we hairspray. You will loose more of the floral to your counter than you think (trust me, I know). You can always transfer the freshly sprayed floral to a vase with nothing else in it to dry.

6.) Repeat with all other floral you need to. Allow for each stem to dry completely before putting them in the vase together. This way they do not dry together and stick together.

It is that simple. This trick is sure to make your life with dried floral easier, it did mine!

Thank you for reading! Happy Tip Tuesday!


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