Wooden Farmhouse Beads with Tag

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Here at The Vintage Twine, you know we love our Farmhouse beads, but these have a new spin to them that we LOVE! Not only do they have the Farmhouse feel that we love, each one has a unique tag at the end that says Together and a Lemon Figure and we think you are going to love them! Pair in your favorite table tray or on a shelf! These also make great gifts!


Together beads are a light wooden color with a small wooden house that says "Together" in black lettering and the opposite end with a twine tassel. Measure's 31.5" long.

Lemon beads are a mix of white, tan, and yellow beads with a jute tassle at one end and a lemon figure at the other. 

Cow and Chicken beads are a light wooden bead with a jute twine end on one end and a metal cow or chicken on the other.

Snowflake beads are made of white, neutral, and silver beads with a rustic wooden snowflake attached to one end and jute twine tassle attached to the other. Measures 28"

Red Truck Beads have red, green, and white beads arranged together on a jute twine with a wooden red truck cutout on one end and jute twine tassle on the other. Measures 31".

Christmas Tree Beads have a more Modern Christmas feel. With light and dark neutral beads and a dark green bead arranged perfectly with a Christmas Tree on one end that says "Ho Ho Ho" on it. Measures 37".